Serving South King County and the Surrounding Areas.

Homeowners Associations

Attorneys Gregory F. Cromwell and Erik R. Olsen represent over 200 associations, working with property managers and self-managed associations to ensure the best possible outcomes for their clients. Our Homeowners Association department has successfully handled hundreds of assessment collection and compliance matters through diligent efforts, courteous and professional dialogue with Boards and owners, and effective legal techniques involving negotiation and litigation.

Our Homeowners Association department handles a wide array of association services, including:

  1. Interpretation and advice regarding enforcing covenants and other governing documents provisions.
  2. Assistance with collection of unpaid assessments:
    1. letters to owners;
    2. preparation and recording of assessment liens;
    3. preparation and filing of releases or satisfactions of liens, once payment is made by the owner;
    4. recovery of attorneys’ fees incurred by the association as part of the collection efforts.
  1. Assistance with enforcing compliance with covenants:
    1. letters to owners;
    2. personal contacts with owners.
  1. Filing and prosecution of litigation regarding association issues, including but not limited to:
    1. assessments collection (including recovery of the association’s attorneys’ fees incurred before and during the litigation);
    2. covenant interpretation and application;
    3. covenant compliance/injunctive relief.
  1. Advising on and assisting with drafting documents and handling issues regarding:
    1. governing documents (covenants, articles, bylaws, rules & regulations);
    2. amendments to governing documents;
    3. meeting documents:
        1. proxies;
        2. minutes;
        3. other documents relating to Board meetings and actions.
  1. Attending Board meetings to speak about and answer questions regarding ongoing association issues, and assist with issues/advice on general matters of importance to their association.
  2. Attending annual owners’ meetings to answer owners’ questions and discuss with members procedural and other issues important to their association’s operations, often speaking about roles, duties and responsibilities of serving as a Board member for an association.

Attorney Cromwell brings over 30 years of experience of representing of homeowners’ and condominium owners’ associations, has presented at seminars and workshops for directors and officers of Associations, and has been retained by an Association as an expert witness in a federal court case to offer his expertise on the issue of enforcing a no-business-use covenant.  Attorney Cromwell and Attorney Olsen are members of the Community Associations Institute, a national organization dedicated to the advancement and improvement of homeowners’ associations, with resources that aid in handling association issues.

Whether your homeowners’ or condominium association is big or small, our Homeowners Association Department is ready to assist in addressing any of your association’s needs.