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Take Control Of Your Future With A Will

Last updated on March 30, 2021

Thinking about your end-of-life plans is never pleasant. However, it is much better than the alternative of ignoring it completely until it is too late. The sooner you take matters into your hands by creating a will, the sooner you can have peace of mind knowing that you have planned for the future.

We can help you with this crucial task. At Hanis Irvine Prothero, PLLC, we have a wide breadth of experience helping Kent-area clients create wills and other estate planning documents. We know how to make the often-unpleasant task of estate planning as simple, smooth and painless as possible.

Why Do I Need A Will?

Wills are a critical piece of any estate plan. Your last will and testament ensures that your assets and property pass to the beneficiaries you want. Without this document, a Washington court may distribute your assets in a manner you would not have chosen. Even if you are young and in good health, you should work with a lawyer to create a legally sound will that protects your beneficiaries’ inheritance.

Excellent Service And Outstanding Experience

Why have clients throughout Washington state come to rely on Hanis Irvine Prothero, PLLC, for estate planning, probate services, trust administration and a variety of other legal services. Because we take pains to deliver high-level client service while we help you achieve the results you need. This quality of service combined with our attorneys’ extensive experience has earned us a reputation as a trustworthy, successful and reliable firm.

Schedule A Free Consultation About Your Future

Do not hesitate when it comes to working with a lawyer on your will. Life is unpredictable; the sooner you have a plan in place, the better. Hanis Irvine Prothero, PLLC, is prepared to create a custom will tailored to your unique needs. Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our team members by calling 253-520-5000 or toll-free at 877-391-5319 or by using our online contact form.