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What should I include in my permanent parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | Family Law |

When parents in Kent decide to divorce, the decisions they make regarding their post-divorce future affect not only them but also their child. Children go through enough emotionally when their parents divorce; they should not be subjected to undue stress after the divorce order is signed. Having a strong permanent parenting plan that meets the best interests of the child is one way to ensure your child’s needs are met post-divorce.

What are the objectives of a permanent parenting plan?

Washington law states that a permanent parenting plan must provide for the child’s daily care in a way that promotes the child’s emotional stability. It also needs to provide for the child’s needs as the child ages in a way that reduces the possibility that the parents will have to return to court to modify the permanent parenting plan. It should also contain provisions allocating authority and responsibilities to each parent in relation to raising the child. It should minimize the child’s exposure to conflict between the parents. Finally, its provisions must protect the best interests of the child.

What should be included in a permanent parenting plan?

A permanent parenting plan in Washington should allocate one or both parents as having decision-making authority over the child’s education, health care and religion. However, if an emergency arises affecting the health or safety of the child, either parent may make the necessary decisions to support the child’s best interests. In addition, each parent can make daily care decisions regarding the child when the child is in their care. The parenting plan should also contain provisions regarding where the child will live and when, including on holidays, vacations and other special occasions. Dispute resolution processes should also be included in a parenting plan.

Keep your child’s best interests in mind

A parenting plan is meant to help parents and their child thrive post-divorce. A well-rounded parenting plan is a good starting point for parents and children who need to heal following a divorce.