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Driver hits jogger on sidewalk, causing fatal personal injury

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Many Washington residents include jogging as part of their daily routine, as it provides exercise and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. While some people who participate in this type of activity take to off-road trails when doing so, many people jog near vehicle traffic, either on the sides of roads or on sidewalks. Unfortunately, when car accidents happen involving joggers and pedestrians, the outcome can be deadly. Such was the case recently in a Spokane incident that resulted in fatal personal injury for a high school teacher.

According to the Spokane Police Department, the 83-year-old woman was running her usual route on a recent Friday afternoon. She was traveling on a sidewalk, which, apparently, is approximately six inches higher than the road. For as yet unknown reasons, a man driving a vehicle drove onto the sidewalk and struck the jogger.

Unfortunately, the woman was killed as a result of the crash. A long-time close friend of the victim has said the woman taught high school for many years until her retirement. Since then, she has often worked as a substitute teacher at a local high school because she missed teaching. Spokane police are continuing to investigate the incident, but they have not filed charges at this point.

When fatal car accidents occur, grieving family members are often left looking for answers as to how and why such a tragedy happened. Although the authorities have not yet completed their investigation into this incident, the evidence could very well indicate the driver was at fault due to negligent and/or reckless behavior. In that case, the victim’s family may consider pursuing the matter further. A successfully litigated wrongful death lawsuit could provide monetary compensation, as well as some comfort, to the family during the difficult healing process. A Washington personal injury lawyer can provide valuable legal guidance for those choosing to explore this option.