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Head-on collision in Auburn causes serious personal injury

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Some Washington residents may live on a street where they often see speeding vehicles, and no doubt, witnessing such reckless behavior can be very frustrating. Drivers who tend to travel well above the speed limit may do so for various reasons, but whatever the case, they are putting themselves, their passengers and anyone else around them in a potentially dangerous situation. In fact, recently, two people suffered serious personal injury from a horrific 3-vehicle head-on crash in Auburn.

A spokesperson with the King County Sheriff’s Office has said that the incident happened when a driver traveling at a high rate of speed attempted to pass another vehicle. In doing so, the driver collided with a third, oncoming vehicle. A passenger in the speeding vehicle was transported via helicopter to a hospital, and is said to be in critical condition. The driver of the third vehicle suffered serious injuries and was also taken by air to the same hospital.

A resident living near the accident site has said he often witnesses drivers traveling well over the speed limit on his street and that this incident was the second one in only two days. According to local police agencies, they have seen more drivers speeding excessively in recent days. A Washington State Patrol trooper concurs that speeding has been more prevalent everywhere lately, and he has warned people that police will stop them and that the authorities simply want people to be safe.

Often, victims of this type of car crash, and their families, feel a great deal of anger and frustration toward the person deemed responsible, as the outcome seems so preventable. In this case, two people suffered serious injuries that may have changed their lives considerably. In addition to the physical and emotional impact, survivors of such tragedies often encounter new financial challenges as they face medical bills and time away from work. A knowledgeable Washington personal injury attorney can help victims understand their options for restitution.