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Head-on collision causes personal injury to 4 people; 2 killed

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Over the last few decades, Washington residents have, no doubt, heard the proliferation of warnings about the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, some people continue to make the reckless decision to get behind the wheel of their vehicle after they have had a few drinks. Police believe this was the case when a man driving a pickup truck collided head-on with another vehicle, causing personal injury to four of its occupants; two of those people died in the crash.

The horrific accident happened late on a recent Saturday afternoon. According to Washington State Police, the 51-year-old pickup driver was traveling west on a road in rural Mason County when he crossed over the centerline. The truck collided head-on with an eastbound vehicle.  

The pickup driver was not injured in the incident. Sadly, two passengers in the vehicle that was hit died at the accident scene; one of those people was only 15 years old. The 17-year-old driver of that vehicle and a 20-year-old passenger were transported to a hospital in Seattle where, reportedly, one remains in critical condition and the other is in satisfactory condition. Police suspect the pickup driver of impaired driving. He has been arrested for investigation of two counts of vehicular homicide and two counts of vehicular assault.

Most Washington residents will find this type of accident very difficult to grasp, as it seems so preventable. Two young people were killed and two others seriously injured apparently because one person made the poor choice to drink and drive. The victims’ family members are undoubtedly suffering emotionally, but they likely also feel a great deal of anger toward the person responsible. They may consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney who can apprise them of their legal options.