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Unsafe passing leads to car accident that kills 1, injures 1

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Attempting to pass another vehicle while traveling on a two-lane road can be dangerous under any circumstance. Those who make such a maneuver may leave other drivers with little time to react and avoid collision, and the results of a similar accident could prove cataclysmic. A man has died and another person suffered severe injuries following a recent car accident that took place in Washington.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Friday afternoon as the driver of a southbound vehicle attempted to pass another car on a local state route. According to reports, after this vehicle entered northbound lanes, an oncoming truck attempted to swerve out of its way but was sideswiped in the process. The first vehicle proceeded to hit a third vehicle head-on and then sideswiped another before eventually coming to a stop.

Authorities said the impact of the crash forced the third vehicle to overturn, and they stated that the driver of this vehicle was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition. The driver who caused the crash reportedly died at the scene. It remains unclear as to why the man may have attempted such a dangerous maneuver, and police listed unsafe passing as the primary cause.

Suffering severe injuries in a car accident can be a disastrous experience that can leave a person facing a variety of hardships, physical and financial alike. Should another party be deemed responsible for the crash, the victim could choose to consult with an experienced attorney for advice on the his or her available options for legal recourse. An attorney in Washington can examine a client’s injuries and subsequent financial needs and assist him or her in pursuing the compensation entitled through a personal injury claim.