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Changes in life may prompt a need to modify a child support order

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Family Law |

A change in circumstance can affect a person’s ability to keep up with a variety of financial obligations. For some individuals, this change may prompt little more than a need to cut down on expenses and form a budget. However, for individuals in Washington with an existing child support order in place, such a change could bring about a need to pursue modifications to the original agreement.

There are a variety of changes in life that can alter one’s financial stability. For instance, loss of employment or the onset of a major medical condition can have a substantial impact on one’s finances. These are just examples of scenarios in which a person could become incapable of making the required monthly support payments, and those who encounter a similar circumstance may be left in search of advice on their available options.

When a change in circumstance causes similar concerns, a person could choose to request a modification to the original child support order. In some cases, one could be able to reach an arrangement with the other parent through negotiations, while in others, a person might need to pursue the required changes in court. Even if the two parties can reach an agreement outside of court, having the order modified by the court is advisable, as an oral agreement is not binding.

Individuals who experience a change in life that renders them unable to continue making the required child support payments may find it helpful to know they have options. For guidance on how to pursue changes to the original agreement, a person in Washington could find it helpful to retain the services of a family law attorney. An attorney can address a client’s situation and assist in pursuing the necessary modifications to the original child support order through the proper channels.