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Car accident involving impaired driver injures 3 in Washington

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Personal Injury |

The influence of alcohol can have a substantial impact on a person’s ability to drive. Those who choose to operate a vehicle while impaired are inherently less capable of handling a variety of driving scenarios, and accidents involving drunk drivers run the unfortunate risk of having cataclysmic consequences. A recent car accident involving a suspected drunk driver has left three individuals with severe injuries in Washington.

Law enforcement agents advised the accident took place at just before 8 a.m. on a recent Wednesday. Initial investigations suggest a driver lost control of her car and veered into oncoming lanes before hitting a nearby truck head-on. Emergency responders state that two individuals became trapped within a vehicle in the process, and they assert that as many as three were taken to a medical facility for treatment shortly thereafter.

Police have advised that a passenger in one of the vehicles remains in critical condition. They have also stated that the driver who caused the collision appeared to be under the influence of alcohol at the time. Upon being released from the hospital, the woman will reportedly be taken into custody and charged with vehicular assault and drunk driving.

Suffering serious injuries in a car accident due to the negligent decisions of a drunk driver can be a difficult thing to accept. Those who encounter a similar situation may wish to know more about their options for seeking restitution, and they could benefit from consulting with an attorney early on for guidance. An attorney in Washington can assist a client in pursuing the full amount of compensation entitled through a personal injury claim against the party deemed at fault.