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Personal injury: Unsafe lane change leads to dangerous collision

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Personal Injury |

Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, which inherently makes them somewhat more difficult to see out on the road. However, motorcyclists in Washington and elsewhere also have a duty of care to obey, and making sudden and unsafe maneuvers could place a driver in an impossible situation. Should serious injuries occur on account of such negligence, the victim may wish to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim.

An accident involving a motorcycle took place on a recent Saturday in Washington, when the rider reportedly made an unsafe lane change, placing his bike in the path of another vehicle. Apparently unable to avoid a collision, the woman hit the bike from behind, causing both vehicles to veer off the road. According to reports, both the car and the motorcycle were totaled in the process.

Although the condition of both drivers and the passenger on the motorcycle is unclear, each was reportedly taken to a medical facility for treatment. Even drivers that take special care to notice smaller vehicles may find it difficult to react to a sudden and dangerous maneuver, potentially leaving them to suffer the consequences. Regardless of the type of transportation one favors, each driver must follow the same traffic laws, and doing so may go a long way in preventing a similar disaster.

In an accident where serious injuries occur, if one driver is deemed at fault, the other may have grounds to pursue financial restitution through the civil justice system. Since the process can be complex, an individual may choose to speak with an experienced attorney for guidance. An attorney in Washington can evaluate the incident, along with a client’s financial needs, and assist in pursuing the full amount of compensation deserved through a personal injury claim.

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