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Family law: Assistance in adjusting a child support agreement

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Family Law |

Planning for the future might be important to many individuals in Washington and across the country, but covering every possible change in life can be difficult, if not impossible. Sudden changes can create various challenges in life, emotional and financial alike. For a parent who has a previous child support agreement, such events can be significantly more troublesome to overcome, potentially prompting a need for the guidance of a family law attorney.

At the time of the agreement, an individual might have found it acceptable and fair, while providing for the needs of his or her children. However, over time certain circumstances may arise that spark a need to revisit the previous agreement and make necessary modifications. Whether on account of a loss of income, or perhaps an increase thereof, adjustments to the original arrangement may be in order.

The process can, however, be exceedingly complex. It might also bring about conflict if the other parent disagrees with proposed changes. Even if the other parent disputes the changes, they can still be pursued while continuing to adhere to the original order in the meantime. A person will likely also find it beneficial to document the changes in life and the subsequent need for a new agreement for use before filing an official request.

When seeking modifications to a child support agreement, it might be advisable for a parent to seek legal counsel for assistance. A family law attorney can advise a client on the intricate nature of such a process and inform him or her of any Washington state laws that may apply. After addressing a client’s concerns and needs, an attorney can help pursue the necessary changes through the proper legal channels.

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