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HANIS IRVINE PROTHERO celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

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Ten years ago, Mike Hanis had an idea.  He teamed up with Cynthia Irvine and four other lawyers and formed a law firm in Kent.  Mike, Cynthia, Dennis Shanlian, Pat Hanis and Annette Bolster were there from the beginning.


On Saturday August 17th HANIS IRVINE PROTHERO celebrated its 10th Anniversary!  The party was at Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub.  The Still Got It Band rocked the night away.  Everyone thought the food and beverages were great!


Many of the party-ers brought donations for the Kent Food Bank and received a beverage on HIP.  On Monday the 19th, the firm delivered 299 pounds of food to the Food Bank!  Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Below are the Lyrics to the Ballad of HIP. Written and “sung” to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies theme song by HIP Attorney and Partner Mark Prothero.


Come an’ listen to a story starting 10 years ago

6 lawyers started a firm in Kent – Hanis Greaney Zoro

A full-service law firm with a wide range of advice

And over time the name’s changed not once, not twice, not thrice

But four times, that is…please listen carefully. I’ll explain


GG & I signed on with them in May 2004

Shortly after we arrived, Mr. Zoro was out the door

We became Hanis Greaney then Hanis Greaney Prothero

And over the next few years, our law firm continued to grow

From 8 that is, to 12…now we’re up to 16


People can get good legal advice without the traffic battle

Or finding a parking place in Tacoma, Bellevue, or Seattle

Our partner Mr. Greaney chose to sail his solo ship

And when he left our firm, the simple truth is we became HIP

And not just in name only, that is…


Criminal defense, homeowners, and civil litigation

Family law, personal injury, and immigration

Wills and estate planning – if you need legal advice just call

And we have the very best around in the most glamorous field of all

Sewer law, that is…or, as I call it, “brown gold”


If you ever have a question or worry about your legal fate

Just give one of us a call.  There’s no need to hesitate

I know we can help you out and you will surely see

The highest quality lawyers are found right here at H.I.P.

HANIS IRVINE PROTHERO, that is…Happy 10th Anniversary!