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Defending Your Interests In Child Support And Maintenance Cases

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Hanis Irvine Prothero, PLLC is proud to be South King County’s largest law firm. As such, we have the skill and resources to resolve a wide array of divorce and family law matters. This includes assisting clients with:

  • Child support and extraordinary expenses — Because Washington uses a statutory formula, calculating how much money a parent will pay each month may seem very straightforward. In some cases, it is. In others, however, the assistance of a seasoned attorney is critical. This is particularly true when one parent is unemployed or underemployed, owns a business or fails to report certain income.
  • Spousal maintenance — Sometimes called “spousal support” or “alimony,” these payments are awarded at the court’s discretion or by agreement. The court will consider many factors, including the parties’ relative incomes, the length of the marriage and the established standard of living. Maintenance can either be temporary or permanent.

Have Your Circumstances Changed?

Life is full of change. A child support order or maintenance order that once worked for you may simply not be feasible or appropriate anymore. The Washington courts recognize the need for modifications to some existing support orders.

If you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances, our firm can advise you about adjusting the amount you pay or receive each month. This may be particularly important if:

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