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The benefits of retaining an attorney after a construction accident

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Suffering an injury in a construction accident is never pleasant. Such an injury may mean lost work time (and income), future pain and disability, and unpredictable medical expenses. Retaining a lawyer who has experience in such cases may be the injured person’s best course of immediate action. This post will outline the major reasons why retaining an attorney can be advantageous.

First steps

A knowledgeable attorney will first investigate the accident by visiting the scene, interviewing witnesses, and perhaps making a digital record of the scene. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain the injured person’s options, from filing a worker’s compensation claim to suing any third parties who may have been at fault for the accident.

Gathering medical records and employment records is another crucial step. In fact, preserving evidence of every kind is a very important step in any attempt to recover damages.

Recovering damages

Once the injured person’s medical condition has stabilized, the next step is considering the various alternatives to recover financial compensation. Every New Jersey employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance, and filing a claim is usually the first step toward financial recovery.

An experienced attorney can help complete the forms and gather evidence to support a successful workers’ compensation claim. The workers’ compensation process may not be the last stop in the search for financial compensation. Parties other than the worker’s employer may have been at fault for the accident.

An experienced injury attorney can help sort out the various claims and determine whether a third-party claim (against any party other than the employer) will be worthwhile. During all of this preparation and evidence-gathering, the lawyer can open negotiations with the employer’s worker’s compensation insurer and the insurers of any other parties who may be liable.

The future

An experienced attorney can offer useful advice about potential benefits for disability and the type of recovery that can be anticipated based upon the opinions of the worker’s health care professionals. In the end, the advice and assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer should be regarded as an essential step in maximizing the recovery of damages and compensation.