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Car accident involving tractor-trailer injures 6 in Washington

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Commercial vehicles are a constant fixture on many roads, and when a semi veers off course, the damage it causes in the process can be substantial. Drivers who encounter a commercial vehicle collision may find it difficult to react in time to avoid getting swept up in the aftermath. A recent car accident involving a tractor-trailer that struck a concrete barrier has left as many as six individuals with injuries in Washington.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Sunday night when the driver of a tractor-trailer suddenly veered off course and struck a nearby concrete barrier. Police say that the impact of the crash pushed chunks of concrete into the opposite lane. This reportedly prompted a chain-reaction crash involving as many as two tractor-trailers and seven other vehicles.

According to reports, six of those who were involved in the collision were transported to a medical facility for treatment soon thereafter. One of the individuals reportedly suffered severe injuries in the crash and remains in intensive care. Those who suffer harm in a commercial vehicle accident may choose to pursue restitution in civil court, but determining liability can be a complex process.

car accident involving a commercial vehicle can have dire results. If the driver of a tractor-trailer is deemed at fault in the accident, those who suffer serious harm in the process could benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney for advice on how best to proceed. An attorney can review the incident thoroughly and assist a client in Washington in pursuing the full amount of compensation entitled through a claim against the party or parties deemed responsible.