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Personal injury: Crash at intersection injures 6 in Washington

As many as six individuals suffered injuries in a recent accident in which a driver failed to adhere to a traffic light upon approaching an intersection in Washington. Car accidents that take place at intersections can be dangerous incidents that could place the safety of all parties involved at risk. Those who suffer serious harm due to the acts of a negligent driver may wish to pursue restitution through a personal injury claim, but they might need assistance in navigating the process.

Law enforcement agents advised the incident occurred on a recent Saturday night when a car failed to stop for a traffic light upon approaching a local intersection. After entering the intersection, the car proceeded to strike a nearby vehicle that was attempting to navigate a left-hand turn. The force of the initial impact reportedly caused the second vehicle to collide with a third and fourth vehicle.

Impairment is a contributing factor in many fatal car accidents

The influence that drugs and alcohol can have on a person's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle can be substantial. Individuals who drive while impaired may lack the necessary capacity to make certain judgment calls, and car accidents that take place under similar circumstances can have disastrous consequences. A recent collision in Washington has reportedly killed a moped driver and left another party in custody facing drunk driving charges.

The collision reportedly occurred on a recent Tuesday night when the driver of a truck was attempting to make a left-hand turn. Initial investigations suggest that upon entering the intersection, the truck pulled straight into the path of a nearby moped. The rider of the moped was unable to react in time to avoid the truck and reportedly suffered fatal injuries in the process.

Car accident involving suspected drunk driver kills 3, injures 3

Impairment can affect a person's ability to drive in various ways. Those who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are inherently less capable of safely operating a vehicle, and they may increase the chances that a serious car accident will occur in the process. A collision involving a suspected drunk driver in Washington killed three individuals and left 3 more with serious injuries.

Initial investigations suggest the incident took place when the driver of a van failed to adhere to a stop sign. Upon entering the intersection, the van struck another vehicle, and the impact of the collision forced both vehicles off the road and started a brush fire that spread across as many as 10 acres. Authorities have advised that three individuals died in the crash, while three more suffered major injuries, one of whom is reportedly in critical condition.

Child custody: Helping the kids cope with divorce

Upon making the decision to dissolve a marriage, many parents in Washington may consider it paramount to take measures to safeguard the well-being of their kids. For children, understanding why their parents are separating and how the process will impact their lives can be a difficult process. In addition to pursuing a child custody agreement focused on the best interests of the kids, parents may also find it helpful to understand the challenges their kids may face and find ways to address any issues they might experience.

Since kids generally have more difficulty understanding the concept of divorce, they may have questions about the process. When talking to children about divorce, parents may find it helpful to explain the situation in a manner the kids can grasp. Speaking to the kids about the situation and providing them with reassurances of love could help prevent them from coming up with their own conclusions or feeling as though they are to blame for what is happening.

Car accidents: Moment of distraction leaves 2 with injuries

Even a moment of inattention while operating a motor vehicle can have disastrous consequences. In the time it takes to read or write a text, a vehicle can travel several hundred feet or veer off course, and car accidents involving such negligence can be dangerous. A recent accident involving an apparent distracted driver has left a pedestrian with serious injuries in Washington.

The collision reportedly took place at around 11 a.m. on a recent Wednesday when a driver's moment of inattention caused a dump truck to veer off course. After leaving the lanes of traffic and striking a utility pole, the truck suddenly crashed into the side of a local store. A pedestrian was unable to avoid collision, and he was rushed to a medical facility for treatment of serious injuries soon thereafter.

Personal injury: Crash involving drunk driver injures 2, kills 1

Motor vehicle accidents involving drunk drivers can be dangerous incidents that run the unfortunate risk of ending in serious injuries for everyone involved, or worse. Those that lose a family member due to the negligent decisions of a drunk driver may wish to pursue accountability accordingly, and they could choose to speak with a personal injury attorney for guidance in the process. A recent accident that took place under similar circumstances in Washington has claimed the life of a 28-year-old woman.

According to authorities, the incident occurred on a recent Sunday at around 4 p.m. as a man was operating his vehicle in the wrong lane of traffic. Initial investigations suggest that he caused numerous collisions during this period before crashing head-on into a nearby car. The driver and a passenger in this car were taken to a medical facility for treatment of serious injuries, while a second passenger was pronounced dead at the scene.

Car accident claims life of 51-year-old man in Washington

When it comes to operating a motor vehicle in traffic, it is generally advisable to remain a safe distance behind other vehicles in case traffic comes to a sudden halt. Those who choose to follow closely behind other vehicles are inherently less capable of reacting to a similar driving scenario. A recent car accident has claimed the life of a 51-year-old man after his vehicle was rear-ended in Washington.

The accident reportedly took place just before 12:30 p.m. on a recent Thursday. According to authorities, a woman brought her vehicle to a sudden halt upon encountering ducks that were attempting to cross the road. While the vehicle behind her was able to stop in time to avoid collision, a truck suddenly slammed into his car from behind, causing a chain reaction crash.

Car accidents involving commercial vehicles can prove fatal

With the substantial increase in size and weight of most commercial vehicles, drivers of tractor-trailers must use caution when approaching an intersection to prevent a potential catastrophe. Car accidents that take place under similar circumstances run the unfortunate risk of causing serious harm to those involved, and in some cases, these incidents may even prove fatal. Two individuals have died during a recent collision involving a tractor-trailer in Washington.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Wednesday when for reasons that remain under investigation, the driver of a tractor-trailer apparently ran through a red light. Upon entering the intersection, the semi suddenly collided with another vehicle. The driver and a passenger in the other vehicle were transported to a hospital for medical attention, but they were pronounced dead later that day.

Auto accidents: 1 dead, several injured in wrong-way crash

While individuals are typically only responsible for their own actions, in some cases, their actions can affect the lives of others. For instance, even a moment of inattention on the road can cause a driver to place the safety of others in harm's way. All auto accidents run the unfortunate risk of ending in catastrophe, and a recent incident in Washington has reportedly led to the death of a 65-year-old woman.

The collision reportedly took place on a recent Thursday at around 5 p.m. when, for reasons unknown, a driver suddenly drifted into the wrong lane of traffic. According to authorities, his vehicle proceeded to strike several others in the process before hitting a pickup truck head-on. Several individuals were rushed to a medical facility shortly after the incident, including the driver who caused the crash. The driver of the pickup truck was pronounced dead at the scene.

Family law: Uncovering hidden assets could prove essential

The process of dissolving a marriage can be an intimidating experience, and the decisions a person in Washington makes during this period could affect his or her life significantly. With a great deal at stake during divorce, many may consider it vital to pursue a favorable outcome during legal proceedings. Prior to entering negotiations, a person might find it invaluable to speak with a family law attorney for advice on uncovering any possible hidden assets, as these could have a substantial influence on the outcome of divorce if left undetected.

It might not be all that uncommon for a person to attempt to hide certain assets from his or her spouse during the end of a marriage. These assets could be stashed away in separate accounts, or they could consist of physical items that aren't declared in the process, such as expensive artwork or antiques. Since assets that remain hidden might not be included in the division of property, locating their presence could prove essential.