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Handling Foreclosure Defense In Washington

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When it comes to saving your home from foreclosure, it can seem like you are simply struggling in vain. You may be trying to cut costs and save enough to make up for the arrears on your house, but in the meantime, the interest and penalties keep accruing. Like bailing water from a leaky boat, it’s never enough.

Thankfully, you have other options. At Hanis Irvine Prothero, PLLC in South King County, we represent homeowners like you throughout Washington. Our attorneys combine broad legal experience with personal concern. You can count on our team to provide the responsive service and effective counsel you seek.

Exploring All Legal Options For Saving Your Home

If you have started to fall behind on your mortgage or if your lender is already threatening a foreclosure action against you, you have several options. You may be able to request a loan modification or you may possibly qualify to refinance the property.

For many people, however, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy proves to be the most effective option for foreclosure defense. As soon as you file bankruptcy, the court will order an “automatic stay” on your behalf. This temporarily halts any foreclosure action.

Next, Chapter 13 allows you to create a manageable repayment plan to repay your mortgage arrears over approximately 60 months. During this time, you will not have to worry about accruing any new interest or penalties. (However, you must continue making your normal mortgage payments.) Essentially, Chapter 13 can give you a much-needed chance to catch up.

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