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personal injury Archives

Driver hits pedestrian, causes life-threatening personal injury

Likely, most Washington drivers have, at some point, imagined how they might react if they struck a pedestrian. In fact, some people may have already done so. Understandably, when such a horrible event happens, the person responsible worries about the consequences. But most people would not even think about running from this type of situation and would remain at the scene to help the victim and cooperate with authorities. Some people's first instinct, however, is to immediately leave the scene, and this is what happened when a driver hit a pedestrian, causing him serious personal injury.

DUI suspected in 2-vehicle crash causing fatal personal injury

Unfortunately, anyone's life can end in a split second, and sometimes all it takes is one person who has made inappropriate choices before driving or uses poor judgment while behind the wheel to cause a tragedy. When such an event happens, the person responsible may initially panic and try to escape from the horrific situation, and this is usually how hit-and-run accidents happen. In a recent example, a Washington resident suffered fatal personal injury when the vehicle in which he was riding was hit by another vehicle. The driver who appears to be responsible has been arrested for several criminal offenses.

Seattle bicyclist hit by car suffers serious personal injury

While cycling can be a great way to get outside and enjoy the summer, with the added benefit of providing some exercise, cyclists who share roads with motorized (and larger) vehicles, unfortunately, are putting themselves in a somewhat vulnerable position. Likely, some Washington residents have experienced feelings of trepidation while cycling on the side of a roadway while traffic whizzes by, sometimes only inches away. Unfortunately, a cyclist was seriously injured recently when a woman driving a car hit him. He may now have cause to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Driver struck in head-on crash suffers serious personal injury

Any person who holds a driver's licence knows that driving requires a person's full attention as well as quick reaction time should anything unexpected happen. A driver whose attention wanders, whose reflexes are not as sharp as they need to be and/or who makes an error in judgment can cause a great deal of damage. These types of dangerous situations may result from distractions such as cellphone use, unexpected health conditions or simply weak driving skills. Certainly, any one of these things may have caused a head-on crash that resulted in serious personal injury for a Washington woman.

Driver hits jogger on sidewalk, causing fatal personal injury

Many Washington residents include jogging as part of their daily routine, as it provides exercise and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. While some people who participate in this type of activity take to off-road trails when doing so, many people jog near vehicle traffic, either on the sides of roads or on sidewalks. Unfortunately, when car accidents happen involving joggers and pedestrians, the outcome can be deadly. Such was the case recently in a Spokane incident that resulted in fatal personal injury for a high school teacher.

Cyclist hit by tow truck suffers serious personal injury

Many Washington residents enjoy cycling, especially during the warmer months. Some people use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation, while others enjoy it as a leisure activity as it provides them exercise and a chance to see off-road sites they would not see while traveling in a car. Sometimes, however, cyclists travel on the same roadways as larger, motorized vehicles. Unfortunately, when collisions happen, most often, the person on the bicycle does not fare well. Such was the case when, recently, a bicyclist suffered serious personal injury when she was hit by a tow truck.

Failure to stop at intersection causes fatal personal injury

Any Washington resident with a driver's licence knows that safe operation of a motor vehicle requires a driver to be fully focused on his or her surroundings at all times. Of course, car accidents can happen for a number of reasons, but they are often the result of a driver who has failed to fully concentrate on the task of driving. This may have been what happened recently when it appears a driver blew through a stop sign, resulting in fatal personal injury for another driver and seriously injuring himself.

Head-on collision in Auburn causes serious personal injury

Some Washington residents may live on a street where they often see speeding vehicles, and no doubt, witnessing such reckless behavior can be very frustrating. Drivers who tend to travel well above the speed limit may do so for various reasons, but whatever the case, they are putting themselves, their passengers and anyone else around them in a potentially dangerous situation. In fact, recently, two people suffered serious personal injury from a horrific 3-vehicle head-on crash in Auburn.

Suspected DUI driver causes fatal personal injury to cyclist

With warmer spring weather and the approach of summer, many people in Washington and elsewhere are looking for ways to enjoy outdoor activities. Getting outside is especially important and appealing given current circumstances that have kept most people in their homes most of the time. Although walking and running are popular options, many people enjoy bicycling to keep them moving. However, as bicyclists often share the road with motor vehicles, they may encounter potentially dangerous situations more often than pedestrians or joggers. Unfortunately, a man riding his bike on a roadway in South Kitsap suffered fatal personal injury after a vehicle struck him.

Pedestrian suffers fatal personal injury in hit-and-run crash

Likely, most Washington residents cannot understand why a person involved in a motor vehicle accident would immediately leave the scene. Certainly, most people would make the responsible decision to check the condition of others involved in the incident and wait for first responders to arrive. It's also the law. However, some people cause an accident and then, for whatever reason, flee the scene. In a recent example, a driver struck a pedestrian on a Seattle street, causing the man fatal personal injury.