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February 2020 Archives

Woman suffers fatal personal injury in head-on collision

Most Washington drivers have encountered an upcoming traffic jam that required them to reduce their speed. Such a situation often occurs on a highway, and some drivers may find the rapid speed adjustment difficult. In most cases, provided the driver has been paying careful attention, he or she can reduce speed safely and in a timely manner. Unfortunately, recently, the driver of a semi-truck lost control of his vehicle while attempting to slow for traffic and, in the process, crashed head-on into another vehicle, resulting in fatal personal injury to the driver of that vehicle.

Man arrested in hit-and-run causing fatal personal injury

A driver's licence comes a great deal of responsibility. In addition to obeying traffic laws, avoiding drinking and driving, etc., drivers involved in a Washington motor vehicle accident are expected to remain at the scene and be accountable for any part they have played in the incident. Unfortunately, some people fail to do so. Such was the case when a man struck a pedestrian in Spokane, resulting in fatal personal injury to the pedestrian.