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August 2019 Archives

Taking steps to protect one's financial future during a divorce

Many individuals in Washington and across the nation may feel that maintaining a healthy financial future is an essential part of life. When facing a divorce, one may have concerns over how the outcome of the process will affect this aspect of life. Those who are facing the end of a marriage could benefit from seeking advice on how best to approach the financial aspects of divorce, as entering the process with a strategy in hand could prove imperative.

Car accident involving impairment injures 3, kills 1

Individuals who choose to operate a vehicle while under the influence not only risk placing their own safety on the line, but they may also endanger the well-being of others nearby. Even passengers who are riding with an impaired driver may have little to no control over what takes place, and they may suffer the consequences should an accident occur. A recent car accident involving a suspected drunk driver in Washington has left three individuals with serious injuries and claimed the life of the driver.