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April 2012 Archives

Patrick Hanis offers assistance to homeowners wanting to participate in The Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act Homeowners Mediation Program.

This new program was created during the 2011 legislative session to provide homeowners foreclosure assistance. State law now requires most lenders to inform homeowners of the availability of foreclosure prevention counseling and the potential for mediation. Mediation is a process where a neutral mediator assists the Homeowner and the Lender to try and reach a fair, voluntary, and negotiated agreement. The Lender is required to have a person with authority available to resolve the matter. Patrick Hanis assists his clients in submitting for mediation, providing needed information, and negotiating with the Lender in order to try and reach a settlement with the Lender. A mediator is not a Judge, but does work to insure that the Lender is acting in good faith.

Greg Girard successful at having 20 year old felony charge reversed, prevents deportation

C.N. was born in Cambodia in 1974, as the violent reign of the Khmer Rouge regime began. In 1980she and her family were able to leave their war torn country and arrived in the United States as refugees. Shortly thereafter she obtained permanent resident alien status. The family settled in Tacoma.