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Chapter 13 & Lien Stripping

Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases require a serious commitment. While the Chapter 7 case is a relatively short (4-6 months) and straight forward process, a Chapter 13 cases commits the filer to a long-term payment plan. However, Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code has powerful tools that help get you back on track financially while allowing you to retain most of your property.
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I need to have a meeting with an attorney about chapter 13 bankruptcy.
My Wife and I need to talk to someone ASAP so we know how much money it will cost, and what secured items we can continue to make payments on and keep. We have paperwork from another bankruptcy attorney, and we need to know if your pricing is the same and if what this other attorney has told us is correct. I would rather use your business of possible.

Please call me so we can make an appointment ASAP (209)483-5394 We live in Issaquah.


Kevin Jordan

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